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Form 720 – V Mailing Address (for 2024)

Form 720 – V Mailing Address (for 2024)


Form 720-V is a payment voucher for Form 720, the Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return. This form is used by businesses that sell goods or services subject to excise tax to report and pay those taxes. It has three parts: Schedule A, Schedule T, and Schedule C. 

Where to mail Form 720-V Payment?

It should be sent to the following mailing address as instructed by the IRS.

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Ogden, UT 84201-0009 

2 Popular Ways to File Your Form 720 Excise Tax

Always file your Form 720 before the due date to avoid penalties. There are two ways to file your Form 720:

1.      Direct Mail: Mail the Form 720 directly to the IRS.

2.      Electronic Filing: File electronically through the IRS E-File program. Efile720 is an IRS-authorized 720 e-file provider. 

Why File Your Form 720 Online?

Filing Form 720 online has many advantages, including:

Faster processing and fewer errors

Proof of receipt (instant acknowledgment)

Convenience and flexibility

Cost savings (no hard copies needed)

Improved organization (data is maintained systematically)

Enhanced reliability and service 


Attach Form 720-V to Form 720 when you file your excise tax online. For online filing, you can make the payment directly to the IRS after completing a few steps.

Try our eFile720 online portal for your excise tax filing and experience the convenience!

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