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Form 720 Mailing Address as instructed by the IRS

Form 720 Mailing Address as instructed by the IRS


If your business comes within the excise tax category, then you must pay excise tax every quarter. In this blog, let's find out where to mail form 720 once the form is filled. 

What is Form 720?

Form 720, an IRS-issued form, is used by businesses to pay their federal excise tax. A wide range of taxes is covered in the Tax Form 720. Some of the major taxes are Environmental taxes, Fuel Taxes, Air Transport Taxes, Retail Taxes, PCORI Taxes, Indoor Tanning Taxes, etc. Here is the list of all excise taxes with IRS No. 

Where to mail Form 720?

Once you complete Form 720, IRS instructs you to mail it to the following address,  

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Ogden, UT 84201-0009 

3 Challenges while Filing form 720 manually:

Loss in Transit:

When you send your form 720 by mail, it could get lost in transit. If it gets lost, you need to incur a penalty for not paying on time.

Time Consuming:

It takes more time to fill out form 720 compared with online filing as you have to do the calculations manually.

Calculation Mistakes:

When you do manual filings, there are higher chances for calculation errors. In the case of our online filing, the calculation is done by the 720 online portal itself. 

Why you must efile form 720 with us?

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