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Pay your PCORI Fee Online through eFile 720 Portal

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File Your PCORI Fee Online!

2024 PCORI Fee Amount by IRS

  • PCORI fees must be paid by health insurance policy issuers based on the number of lives covered.
  • The PCORI Fee for the period from October 1, 2023, to before October 1, 2024, is $3.22 per covered life, as per sections 4375 and 4376, Notice 2023-70.
  • The deadline to pay PCORI fees for 2024 is July 31, 2024.
File Your PCORI Fee Online!

PCORI Online vs Paper

PCORI Online
Easy Process
Error Free
Data Maintenance and retrieval are quite easy
Cost seems higher, but a nominal cost
Confirmation will be received in a few minutes
Risk-free, as the process happens online
Manual Filing
Complex Process
Might encounter with calculation errors
Difficult to maintain and retrieve
Cost seems cheaper, but higher administrative costs
(postage, printouts, labor etc.)
Confirmation takes time
Prone to risk due to loss in transit

How to file PCORI Fee with eFile720?



Register your business details with eFile720 PCORI Portal.



Input the “number of lives covered.” Our dashboard populates the PCORI fees to be paid.


PCORI Filing

Select the payment method and complete your PCORI fee filing in a few minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is certainly safe. The IRS recommends and encourages filing PCORI online rather than on paper.

Yes, we are an IRS-authorized PCORI eFile provider. Every quarter, many companies file excise taxes through our online 720 portal.

Not at all. Manual filing incurs administrative costs such as printouts and postage, and it takes many man-hours. Online PCORI filings can be completed in much less time and are cost-effective.

Why wait any longer? File your PCORI with the IRS Authorized PCORI Submission Portal.

FILE Your PCORI Fee Online!